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Team Betty

Our team is raising money in support of the Alzheimer Society by participating in the Walk for Alzheimer's (Online). We are inspired in this by our beautiful mom, Betty Anderson, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia a few years ago. She has the kindest heart and would always do anything to help others. We (her daughters) have been struggling with feeling disconnected from her particularly since the pandemic hit our part of the world and her care home went into lockdown. Although the home has started window visits and Skype calls, it's still very difficult to connect because her illness is advanced. We want to do something tangible together to connect and honor our mom. We are "walking" in the Walk for Alzheimer's Online. Because of the pandemic, things have changed, and everyone is doing their own physical activity and sharing it virtually. Our sisters team will be going on a hike on May 31st and filming it & sharing.

By making a donation to our fundraiser, you are helping the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba continue to provide valuable programs and services for families affected by dementia, while funding research to help find a cure. The Alzheimers society was really helpful to our family when our mom first started showing signs of illness and we struggled to understand & cope. They provide so much support and care to so many families struggling with this, including people with dementia themselves. My mom's illness has affected not just her, and her husband, her daughters and granddaughter, but her sister, her close friends, her in-laws, past colleagues, and more. As we all hold each other in a community of support, we are also grateful for the work of the Alzheimer's Society. 

Please make a donation today and help us help other people and families affected by dementia.


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