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We are excited to take our Walks online – or virtual – so we can continue to support families living with dementia in our communities. 


REGISTER TODAY FOR OUR VIRTUAL EVENT. We'll send you the virtual date and creative ideas on how you can participate!


Here are some fun ideas for your VIRTUAL WALK:

  • Use your Fitbit, smartphone or smartwatch step tracker to log your steps and challenge friends to match your mark using social media.
  • Do the funniest Monty Python-esque walk around your home, and challenge your friends to top it.
  • Do a funky dance in your home, then share it as a video online on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. 
  • Challenge your friends to who can climb the most stairs.    
  • Your dog can help fundraise, too! Go on extra walks together.
  • Record personal messages of support and post them online.

Stay tuned for some videos and other great ideas!

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