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Join us on Facebook for our Live Stream on Sunday, May 31 at 10:45 am!

    • 10:45 Intro and warm up
    • 11 am to 12:30 pm National Live Stream across Canada
    • 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Manitoba Live Stream with local musicians including:
      JP Hoe
      Grace and Ian Willmer
      JD Edwards
      Rudy Unrau 
      Jess, Amber and Michelle from Sweet Alibi 
      Leonard Podolak

You can participate throughout the whole month of May!  Tag us in your social media posts with photos, videos and stories of how you are participating virtually!! Make sure to copy and paste your personal fundraising page and use the hashtag #IGWalkforAlz

Let's stand strong together and show how many families are living with dementia by placing this sign in our windows. You can also hold up the sign in your videos and carry it with you on Walk day.

WFA 2020 Window Sign My Mom

Click here to download the printable sign.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started!

  • do a dance
  • sing a song 
  • tell a story or joke
  • show off your pedometer steps
  • take the dog for a walk
  • jump on the trampoline
  • bake or cook something special

Record and Post a Video! Use your mobile device to record a 30-90 second video showing what you are doing to participate in the online walk. 

Some things to mention:

  • the full name of the walk: IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's
  • why you are participating and/or who you are participating for
  • if you are doing a challenge, issue the challenge to others
  • your fundraising goal if you have one

Facebook: @AlzheimerSocietyManitoba
Instagram: @alzheimermb
Twitter: @AlzheimerMB
Hashtag: #IGWalkforAlz

Click here to download the pledge form and collect pledges offline.


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Team Captain:
Sara Warkentin
2 members
Team Captain:
Maureen A Fontaine
5 members
Team Captain:
Jessica Phillips-Hunt
1 member
Team Captain:
Shannon Kinnaird
6 members
Team Captain:
Lisa Parks
1 member
Team Captain:
Nadine Kertesz
2 members
Team Captain:
Noora Besharat
7 members
Team Captain:
Karen McCreary
2 members
Team Captain:
Stacy Thiessen
8 members
Team Captain:
Sheila Andrews
2 members
Team Captain:
Sue Budgell
1 member
Team Captain:
Robert A Kennedy
3 members
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Karen Braun WFA 2020


Peggy Barker WFA 2020


Sara Warkentin WFA 2020


I Made a Difference Sylvia Rothney WFA 2020


Sigrid Tinkler WFA 2020


I Made a Difference Shannon Kinnaird WFA 2020


I Made a Difference Racheline Dubeck WFA 2020


I Made a Difference Samantha Rimke WFA 2020


Jay Kinnaird WFA 2020


I Made a Difference Donna Wowchuk WFA 2020



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